Survey: Cataract surgery can help turn back the clock for patients’ vision

In its Alcon Eye On Cataract Survey in support of Cataract Awareness Month, the survey, conducted between March and April 2023 in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea and the United States, set out to evaluate vision and cataract insights among the world’s rapidly aging population.

The survey’s results reveal cataract surgery not only improves vision, but also can help turn back the clock for patients’ vision, with almost half (45%) of post-surgery patients reporting they have the vision of someone younger.1

In every region included in its survey vision connection with mobility was rated as the second most important quality of aging (83%) with only memory scoring higher at 84%.1

According to the survey, the results demonstrate the importance of protecting and enhancing vision, particularly understanding the benefits and options …

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