With coronavirus still around, is it safe to have eye surgery now?

ophthalmic consultants Albany NY Allen Zieker

For those wondering if they or a family member should proceed with their eye surgery or “hold off,” this is an important and thoughtful question.  In answering this question, during these challenging times in healthcare, it is important to reflect upon key considerations.  

Our main consideration is your safety.  

Safety has always been the focus for our medical practice and the Albany Regional Eye Surgery Center (ARESC). As the senior physician in our practice and the medical director of ARESC, I can assure everyone that all recommended safety measures are being implemented, and those standards are met or exceeded by our practices.  

As a surgical facility, we always maintain stringent infection control standards, which have consistently been inspected and approved by periodic surprise inspections conducted by national health agencies.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 virus we have made innumerable changes to ensure that the Surgery Center, which has never admitted any COVID-19 patient to the building, screens out any potential risks to our staff and patients. 

In accordance with current guidelines, prior to having a procedure at ARESC, the patient will have been previously tested for coronavirus to assure they do not have it. Once inside the building, everyone wears a mask, equipment is cleaned according to the most current protocols, and appropriate social distancing is maintained for your added protection.  

The second consideration centers on maintaining healthcare standards.  

Providing exemplary eye and healthcare to our patients has always been the cornerstone of our existence.  

It is especially important that you do not “wait out” vision emergencies or even routine vision care.  

Cataract, retina, and glaucoma surgery have all been shown to preserve and, hopefully, improve vision. Cataract surgery has been shown to improve the quality of life, encourage lifestyle activities, and for many, improved vision results in improved safety. Patients having cataract surgery have been shown to have fewer hip fractures and fewer motor vehicle accidents. In addition, cataract surgery frequently allows us to see the back of the eye better and potentially discover conditions which, left untreated, may cause blindness. These benefits of vision care are more common for our older patients, and are why we recommend not ‘waiting it out’.  

So, as you consider whether or not to proceed with eye surgery,  please know that we want you and your family to be confident it is safe to make an appointment, schedule a procedure, and get the eye care that you or your family member need.

Please, if you have any questions regarding safety, discuss this with your eye care practitioner or eye doctor.

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