Cornea Specialty Experienced Ophthalmology Technicians/Scribes

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Cornea Specialty Experienced Ophthalmology Technicians/Scribes

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Cornea Speciality


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Ophthalmic Consultants of the Capital Region will be adding a new Cornea Specialty program to our multi-specialty practice in June 2019.  If you are interested in transferring your skills and possibly learning other specialties too, like Medical Retina & Surgery, Medical Glaucoma & Surgery, and Neuro-ophthalmology, we have it all here. We have five full-time locations within the Capital Region.

Be Financially Rewarded for your specialized knowledge and skills in Cornea. Certification not required, but preferred.  Change can be professionally challenging and a lucrative opportunity!  CONTACT US…WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?


  • Performs basic ocular screening and patient history
  • Assists with the movement of patients through sequences and evaluations
  • Capable to accurately perform and document the following tests:
    • Confrontation visual fields
    • Automated keratometry
    • Automated lensometry
    • Manual lensometry
    • Pupil evaluation –external exam, A/C depth exam
    • Tonopen & applanation tonometry
    • Visual acuity distance and near- NPC
    • BAT, PAM, Pachymetry, Endo Cell Counts, Topography
    • Schirmers, and testing
    • Dry Eye Testing; Lipiflow, Lipiview, and screening tests
    • Ascans/IOL Master – OCT
    • Basic and Advanced refraction and retesting (low vision)
    • Minor surgery set-up preparation and Blood Pressures
    • Tech triage of messages
    • FA’s and Fundus Photos including diabetic series photos
    • Knowledge of medical and ophthalmic terminology
    • Team oriented and self-motivated
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills
    • Excellent communication skills and proper grammar
    • Needs to be computer literate
    • Needs to have a caring, patient and friendly attitude
    • Highly competent in problem solving and decision-making

You need not already have experience in all of these areas, mainly focused on Cornea, Dry Eye, and Cataract skills.  Not been given the opportunity to learn these in the past?  WE WILL TEACH and TRAIN YOU!!  CONTACT US!!

Salary $29000 to $60000 based on experience and certifications.

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